Nikki Phillis

WordPress Development + Support


Thanks for dropping by! As a website developer I’m here to simplify your life by converting your design into a fully functional website. I specialise in WordPress (and occasionally accept Shopify projects) to develop business websites, blogs and small ecommerce sites. You shouldn’t need to worry about which WordPress plugin to use or what jQuery script to install, I can help you solve your technical problems so that you can focus on design.

If you require assistance with a web strategy, I can guide you toward a suitable solution for you and your client. I leverage best practices during the architecture and building of your project.

I strive to make your life as easy as possible by keeping each website clean and tidy, flexible and easy for your clients to manage.

A little about me

With over a decade’s experience as a web designer and developer, I’ve designed and built hundreds of websites, mainly working with other freelancers and small design agencies looking to outsource development work.

I’ve been in business since 2005 before venturing full-time into the world of self-employment as a WordPress consultant in 2010.

I live just outside of Brisbane on an acreage with my husband and Irish Wolfhound x (my little office helper). I run my freelance business from my home office here where I can enjoy the country view from my office window or enjoy a good cup of tea on the back verandah.

I can occasionally be found working from a café or shared office space in Brisbane.

When I’m not working, I can be found out in my garden, drawing/painting, binge-watching the latest season on Netflix or spending time with my little family!

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