Got a Question About My Services or Process?

Check out the frequently asked questions below.
If you have a question that I haven’t covered, please feel free to get in touch.

Why should I choose you for my project?

You can choose whoever you like, I won’t judge you :) But here are a few reasons why I might be the right developer for you…

  • I am an experienced web consultant with over 10 years in the industry, working at an agency for 4 of those years.
  • I am not only a developer but a designer as well, which means I understand the creative process and how important it is for a pixel perfect design.
  • All websites are custom-built to match your PSD. There is no cramming your design into a pre-made theme that doesn’t look anything like your original design!
  • I work with your deadlines and communicate with you throughout the process so that you can provide your clients with an exceptional experience and ensure they have regular updates.
  • I provide training and support long after the project has finished so you aren’t left hanging. Check out my website care plans for more info.

What technologies do you specialise in?

I specialise in self-hosted WordPress websites for business sites and blogs and also Squarespace for smaller projects. For online shops I work with WooCommerce, an e-commerce solution for WordPress, but also accept BigCartel or Shopify projects.

Unfortunately I do not work with Magento or Blogger.

How long does it take to build a website?

Development projects generally take around 6-8 weeks, which includes the time it takes to receive feedback from your client, revisions, training, go-live and project handover.

How much does it cost?

Website development starts at a minimum of $2,000. Each quote is tailored to your specific project requirements and goals. As a rough guide though, most development projects generally range between $2-5k.

Please contact me for a quote.

What are your payment terms?

A 50% deposit is required prior to the commencement of the project in order to secure your spot in my schedule (Note: for projects below $1000 full payment is required upfront).

The final amount is due upon completion of the website development. If you are hosting with us, then you have 7 (seven) days from project completion to settle the invoice. If you are hosting elsewhere, then payment is required prior to website go-live.

If the project runs longer than 8 weeks, then a payment installment of 40% will be issued, with the remaining 10% due upon project completion.

All invoices will be issued to you and not your client, so you are responsible for payment. It is unreasonable to ask your developer to wait until your client has paid you before you pay them, especially if the project has been delayed because we are waiting on the client (*ahem* content). To avoid this situation, I suggest requesting a 50% deposit from your client upfront for the entire project cost and then another 30% installment upon design approval to ensure that you have the necessary funds in advance to pay your developer.

If you are based in Australia, payments can be made via direct deposit (details will be provided), or via PayPal for all international designers.

Can we meet in person?

Most of the time it will not be necessary to meet as we can cover most things over Skype (chat, video, screen-share) or via email. If you’ve completed the project request form and we’ve already had our 30 min consultation session and still feel we need to meet then we’ll organise something :)

I do love to catch up for a cup of tea and meet the designers I work with just to say ‘hi’ on one of my occasional Brisbane visits. Freelancing can be a lonely gig, so it’s always nice to socialise with other creative types!

Can you help me figure out what needs to be included in my client's website?

Yes! In addition to the free 30 min project plan consultation, I offer a website strategy session to come up with a website blueprint to determine your client’s website and marketing goals and offer a solution that will deliver results. I can even provide you with a wireframe layout for you to base your design on.

This strategy session is particularly beneficial to graphic designers with more of a print background and limited web experience.

Will my client be able to make content changes on their own?

Yes! Both you and your client will be provided with logins to the WordPress website and training videos/manuals will be supplied so that your client can easily update their own website.

I also would encourage you to sign your client up to one of my website care plans so that they can continue to receive support and updates for their brand new website.

What happens if my client needs changes made in the future?

Websites aren’t finished as soon as the site goes live, it is an ongoing process. I am here to help you provide ongoing support for your clients long after the project is finished. Updates/support can be purchased in 2 hour blocks for smaller tasks, or can be custom-quoted for larger updates.

It’s also important to keep the website up-to-date and secure so I encourage you to sign your client up to one of the website care plans to ensure the website continues to hum along smoothly.

Can you make some changes to an existing website that you didn't develop? Or make some changes to a theme I picked?

Short answer: No.

I hardly ever work on existing websites or themes to do tweaks as every web developer has a different way of coding (and sometimes the code is just downright awful to work with!). It’s also really hard to determine how much to quote for a job when you are unfamiliar with the code. What you thought was a 2 minute job can turn into a day of banging your head on the keyboard due to the site being poorly coded. This is about the time I start tearing out my fur.

Plus developing your own website template is a creative process in itself, it’s just not as rewarding working on someone else’s code.

Having said that, I do make exceptions for StudioPress Genesis themes.

I really only offer design services. After I've completed the design can I just send the client to you?

Please send your client to this form to get the process started.

I can manage the project from here, so all communication and invoicing will be sent directly to the client.

Do you offer hosting?

Yes. I have my own recommended hosting service that I prefer to use, which hosts most of my clients’ websites (and even my own). If your customer’s website is more resource intensive (eg: has a lot of large images or lots of traffic), then I may recommend a premium hosting plan with WP Engine, which is a little beastier.

You can of course bring your own hosting, provided it meets the minimum requirements for running WordPress. Please refrain from using cheap hosting providers such as GoDaddy or Crazy Domains, and avoid Windows hosting as you’ll generally run into problems.

Are you hiring?

While I am not actively hiring at the moment, I’m always on the lookout for talented, experienced subcontractors interested in taking on the occasional project when things are super busy here. Check out the jobs page for more info on the types of ongoing positions available.

That all sounds great! How do we get started?

Excellent! I can’t wait to hear more about you. Jump over to the project request page to get the process started. Please include as much detail as possible about you and your client’s project so that I can learn a little more about you.

Once you’ve submitted the project request form you will be given the option to schedule in a 30 min consultation call. Otherwise, if you would like to skip this call I can just send you through a quote and details on where to go from here.

Make sure you check out my development process and read my terms and conditions first to make sure we are on the same page.